• Mass Deception was founded in 2015. The supreme goal was - and continues to be - making kick-ass thrash metal with like-minded people and release it to the world. To those who live and breathe metal. To those who want to listen to a message and still value underground music. Yet with a heart. Averse to commercial motives, fiercely opposed to metal as a pop culture, the competitive world of music and piggybacking on trends. Straight through the middle.

    Immediately after the creation of the band in 2016, a start was made with the triptych REVELATIONS - REDEMPTIONS - RESURRECTIONS. The debut album REVELATIONS was released in 2016 via RVPrecords, with guitar tandem Bänziger-Waltmans, drummer Søren, bass player Van den Beuken and vocalist Janssen. For the recordings REDEMPTIONS a different course has been set by the incorporation of vocalist STOCKBROEKS (ex-Powervice), whereby the band gained power of his aggressive yet melodic vocals as an extra weapon.

    REDEMPTIONS was again released via RVPrecords on April 19, 2019.

  • StockbroeksStockbroeks ~ vocals

  • BänzigerBänziger ~ guitars

  • WaltmansWaltmans ~ guitars

  • Van den BeukenVan den Beuken ~ bass

  • SørenSøren ~ drums