Halls of Amenti(2022)

Mass Deception


Halls of Amenti

Mass Deception

EP - 4 songs (20 min)

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Mass Deception is founded in 2015. Averse to commercial motives. Fiercely opposed to metal as a pop culture. Rejecting the competitive world of music. Not piggybacking on trends. Straight through the middle.

Immediately after the creation of the band a start was made with the trilogy REVELATIONS - REDEMPTIONS - RESURRECTIONS. The debut album REVELATIONS (2016) was released via RVPrecords with guitar tandem Bänziger-Waltmans, drummer Søren, bass player Van den Beuken and vocalist Janssen. In 2018 the band incorporated new vocalist Stockbroeks (Powervice, Stormrider) and gained new power with his powerfull melodic vocals. Second album REDEMPTIONS was released through RVPrecords on 19 April 2019. In 2020 Mass Deception welcomed new drummer Sanders (Asphyx, Inhume, God Dethroned) and continued to work on their EP Halls of Amenti which will be released by Finnish label Lion Music on 14 January 2022.


March 11th, 2023
WELCOME TO HELL Festival, De Effenaar in Eindhoven (NL)

With Venom, Left to Die, Enforcer, Schizophrenia, Space Chaser, Hellripper and many more..

past gigs

  • 18May'19

    Live MASS DECEPTION and many other bands -- Free entrance

    venue ECI | Roermond | The Netherlands

  • 09 May'19

    Live Pro-Pain, MASS DECEPTION - first show with Stockbroeks!

    venue Cafe De Bar | Buchten | The Netherlands

  • 03 Nov'17

    Live Ripsaw, MASS DECEPTION, Velozza -- Free entrance

    venue Azijnfabriek | Roermond | The Netherlands

  • 20 Oct'17

    Live Order of the Emperor, MASS DECEPTION

    venue The Jack | Eindhoven | The Netherlands

  • 02 Sep'17

    Occultfest- Live Show A.o. Heidevolk, Inferum, Inhume, Izegrim, MASS DECEPTION, Order of the Emperor, Pariah, Slechtvalk, Splinterbomb, The Lucifer Principle

    venue Occultfest | Hoogeveen | The Netherlands

  • 25Jun'17

    W.O.A. Metal Battle - Live show Athena's Word, Inferum, MASS DECEPTION, Order Of The Emperor, Pandora's Key, Prospect

    venue De Bosuil | Weert | The Netherlands

  • 25Feb'17

    Live Soulburn, Wederganger, MASS DECEPTION

    venue Little Devil | Tilburg | The Netherlands

  • 11Nov'16

    Live Saille, MASS DECEPTION, Insanity Reigns Supreme, Dystopia

    venue Azijnfabriek | Roermond | The Netherlands

  • 16Sep'16

    Live Belgian Asociality, MASS DECEPTION

    venue Cafe De Bar | Buchten | The Netherlands

  • 21May'16

    Live Carach Angren, Cirith Gorgor, MASS DECEPTION, Moribund Oblivion, Insurrection a.o.

    venue Azijnfabriek | Roermond | The Netherlands

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RED DAWN (official video)

Teaser Halls of Amenti EP


back to the future (2016)



18 august 2022

Posted by: Mass Deception Official

MD at 1st Welcome to Hell Festival

Raise your fists with Mass Deception at the awesome first edition of a brand new kick-ass Loud Noise Productions festival called Welcome to Hell in allmighty Eindhoven on March 11th, 2023.

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14 january 2022

Posted by: Mass Deception Official

EP Halls of Amenti OUT NOW!

As of today, our new 4-track EP Halls of Amenti is available as a limited run hard copy release and listenable on all relevant streaming platforms!

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19 december 2021

Posted by: Mass Deception Official

RED DAWN video clip!

Our first ever videoclip! Red Dawn, a song taken from the upcoming EP Halls of Amenti. Check it out here! (link to Youtube)

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06 december 2021

Posted by: Mass Deception Official

Release news!

The upcoming 4-track EP Halls of Amenti will be released worldwide and through all relevant streaming services by Finnish label Lion Music Ltd on January 14th 2022.

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27 march 2020

Posted by: Mass Deception Official

New drummer!

Some time ago Søren decided to quit. Fortunately we found a new drummer pretty soon and started rehearsing together. Now we are delighted to officially announce him as our new drummer. Known from other extreme acts such as Inhume and God Dethroned, meet mean machine Mr. Roel Sanders.

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23 may 2019

Posted by: Mass Deception Official

Full album REDEMPTIONS now on Youtube

Now also added the new album "Redemptions" to our YouTube channel as a full album upload and as a playlist with individual songs. Watch, like and subscribe!

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20 april 2019

Posted by: Mass Deception Official

NEW VIDEO: The Prepper!

Check out the offical "The Prepper" lyric video, taken from our second album "Redemptions".

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Rowdy "Howdy" McKill'em


Rowdy "Howdy" McKill'em


Rowdy "Howdy" McKill'em


Rowdy "Howdy" McKill'em

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